Daring Leadership™

  • Develop deeper authentic leadership
  • Find courage to step into the areas you’ve always wanted
  • Bring forward your creativity to tap into innovation
  • Build your inner confidence and quiet your inner critic
  • Create deeper connections
  • Develop more empathy for others


$1399 after March 15 , 2017


LOCATION: The Crossing at Ghost River
DATES: May 5 @ 4pm to May 7 @2pm, 2017
LIMITED: Only 12 spaces available

Daring Leadership™ is a highly experiential methodology based on the research of Brené Brown to help leaders learn how to show up, be seen, and live braver lives. The primary focus is on developing shame resilience skills and developing daily practices that transform the way we live and lead.


“We need to have honest conversations about what it takes to bring our best, most authentic selves to work, and how to effectively encourage our colleagues to do the same. We need to understand the human side of cultivating an organizational culture where people feel inspired and supported. These conversations may sound risky and vulnerable, but risk and vulnerability are essential to courageous leadership. Real change and innovation are within our reach if we’re willing to talk about the emotions, thoughts and behaviors that get in the way.”

Dr. Brené Brown

Jenn Lofgren

Jenn Lofgren

Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator
Incito Consulting Inc.


“This course was an epic journey of self-discovery. It made me examine injuries covered over but not healed that were holding me back as a person and a leader. Thanks to Brené Brown’s clarity and direction, the safe environment provided by Jenn and Jamie and the emotional courage of the other participants, I feel like I’ve finally been given the permission to be myself. Even more wonderful is discovering that living from the inside out is a glorious experience. It has made me a more thoughtful and considerate person increasing my ability to relate to and inspire the people I supervise. Thank you Jenn and Jamie.”

“The Daring Way™ for Leaders Retreat hosted by two very talented leadership coaches, Jenn Lofgren and Jamie Davidoff, was an extremely engaging and valuable experience. I was a bit nervous going in as the conference is based on the research work by Brené Brown and I wasn’t quite sure that I was willing to be “vulnerable” in a group of complete strangers. It turned out to be the most relevant leadership conference that I have attended to date. Not only did I get the opportunity to explore further the concepts presented in Brené’s work, but with the careful guidance of Jenn and Jamie, it gave me a real life experience to see how people regardless of their diverse background can and do form effective team over vulnerability. The belief in a standard prototype leader is outdated, people are looking for authenticity and it’s one of the greatest gifts we can offer.”

“Even if you’ve been bullied and have overcome that, even if you’ve felt like an impostor and have overcome that, even if you are well on the path of opening yourself up and being vulnerable, Brené Brown’s teachings and their delivery by Jenn Lofgren and Jamie Davidoff will still have a lot to offer. With great delicacy and a very personal touch they manage to guide a group of complete strangers to open up to each other and help each other grow. All this in an amazing setting far enough away from the troubles of daily routine to allow focusing just on the learning and growing experience. For me personally this has been eye-opening not just for my personal growth but also for understanding how to interact with others and appreciating how I may be perceived and I am reaping the rewards in my daily interactions with my employees.”

“This was truly one of the most rewarding and effective leadership development activities I have had the privilege of taking part in throughout my 10+ years in health care. For myself, the effectiveness of this retreat was in providing us the opportunity to be vulnerable, to reflect on our individual values we hold, how we instinctively respond in different situations, and to look internally first to further explore our own perceptions of a situation. In a high paced world, it isn’t often that we are provided with the luxury of this type of internal reflection and resulting personal growth that is critical for any leader.

As facilitators, you both effectively enabled us to be vulnerable in a group setting amongst strangers who initially were not able to identify with each other, but by the end felt understood, accepted, and not alone. We continue to stay in contact as supports for each other which to me signifies success not only in growing my own personal network but also in developing a support network with true acceptance of my individual vulnerabilities without judgment. The location also created an environment of serenity in a peaceful setting free of distractions and fantastic food.

Since the retreat I have become much more aware of my own personal shields that I use and continue to work at being vulnerable and honest about my role in different situations both in my professional and personal life. Recognizing the various shields others use frequently is equally as valuable in developing as a leader and understanding where others may be utilizing these shields to protect their own vulnerabilities. The metaphors used throughout the retreat continue to be part of my language and reminders to step out into the arena and be vulnerable, take risks and allow myself to make mistakes, which only open the door for deeper learning and personal growth.

All the best in future retreats, I would most definitely recommend this to any and all leaders who want a refreshing perspective on ‘leadership development’.”


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