Standards Vs. Rules

Standards vs. Rules

I watched a presentation once from Coach Krzyzewski from Duke University about his approach to leading some of the world’s best athletes – the US Olympic Team. If you don’t know about Coach “K,” he has more wins than any…

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Six Gifts Of Mentorship

Six Gifts of Mentorship

Have you ever thought of mentoring a young leader? Have you ever brought in a summer student? Mentored someone earlier in their career? How about a high school student with hidden spark? Mentoring is one of the secret paths to…

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Do You Go Out On Top?

Do you go out on top?

It’s been 15 years that I’ve been a Formula One racing fan since meeting my husband in 2001. I figure, if you can’t beat them, join them and started watching races along side him in the wee hours of the…

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The Dark Side Of Optimism

The Dark Side of Optimism

I think successful CEO’s are often Chief Executive Optimists and I’ve worked with a lot of these  leaders who are charismatic, visionary and able to rally people behind a dream of a compelling future. One of my favorite authors, Simon…

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The Tricky Truth About Trust

The Tricky Truth About Trust

Trust is a topic that comes up regularly with my executive coaching clients. Trust in those around them, feeling as though others trust them, broken trust and wanting to build or restore trust. I learned long ago from Patrick Lencioni’s…

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Six Imperatives To Increase Energy

Six Imperatives to Increase Energy

Our goal is to accelerate the growth of leaders and create more readiness.   Obviously, different organizations have different results, so we have examined those organizations and their results and come up with six imperatives that will allow any organization to…

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